8th January 2022

Perhaps we are entering a year of duplicities. Numerically it is after all the twenty second year of the second millennium, as great an abundance of duets as has ever been seen, till two centuries anon.

Already in my own small world I have seen two periods of snowfall this month, anymore would too much of a good thing, even towards the end of Yuletide. I enjoy tradition as much as the any diehard, but goddess of the clouds, Electra I recall, enough!

Politically the whole nation seems set upon a revolving stage, each transpiring days’ diatribes and announcements simply echoing some previous occasion, perhaps forming a logical pattern, or far more likely indicative that our leaders really have nothing new to produce from under their chapeaux, so are obliged to rely upon their previous incantations, valuable or worthless.

Later this day I am doing my laundry, two loads, but that is a given. One for the fast colors, the other for reds and the like. I do so enjoy giving proof to mine own hypotheses.

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