7th January 2022

One of the life truths I try hard not to ponder is the amount of time, effort, and financial assets I have sunk into wholly foolish and unnecessary pursuits. I have a taste for the pig and a poke, a dark alleyway that leads nowhere but to a dead end, that very prettily wrapped box concealing its contents quite perfectly.

Resultantly my path has been most anfractuous, far more meandering than any vein of gold has any right to be, and the upshot of my following such a meandering, flexuous way has had highly disputable consequences, some extraordinarily fortuitous, others painfully depriving.  

My weakness is the inability to change course mid voyage, whether due to an abundance of bloody mindedness, or a lack of suited sheets and rigging. Nautical references seem appropriate, for we are all the captains of our own vessel, with the power to reappraise, replot, reconsider the particular direction we have chosen.  Our natural senses do after all provide the necessary internal compass to indicate any and every erroneous tack.

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