31st December 2021

New Year’s Eve is upon us once more, an occasion for celebration, reminiscence, much drinking, feasting, and frivolity. The form of celebration depends on the locale, almost every country or region having particular traditions wrapped around the stellar night. The United Kingdom has at minimum four distinct forms, Hogmanay in Scotland, Calennig in Wales, plain old New Years in England, and Northern Island though with many local ritualistic variances, Saint Sylvesters Day in the predominantly Catholic portions of Northern Island and Eire.  

Not being a drinker myself since the excesses of my binging twenties and thirties, I am not normally captured by the celebrations, with the one exception of New Year’s Eve 1999, which purely from a calendrical perspective was worthy of note and effort.

As ever I will wait on the midnight chimes, raise a glass of ginger ale to hopes and aspirations, and recall with a semblance of honesty unfortunate failures and missed opportunities. Good health, much wealth and happiness to you all in Anno Domini 2022.

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