25th December 2021

Upon Christmas day ‘twas the ritual in my family to beguile one another, between the required incessant feasts naturally, with tales of wonder and woe, attempting in some appropriate way to weave individual experiences into the already existent meanderings of a masterpiece of literature’s folds, to describe in an exemplary way how the narrator recognized themselves following the preexistent text. My choice in those times would invariably be some regurgitation of a Conan Doyle fiction, with myself sometimes playing the brilliant Holmes or alternatively the clodhopping Watson in the replaying of any singular episodes, all Sherlock Holmes skits being filled with decidedly singular circumstances.

In hindsight, all reflections being inclined to become more clarion and well suited as age transpires, my choice of both author and works was misplaced. I put my that particular error down to a sad lack of personal insight and a large degree of wishful thinking, particularly in filling the role of the very intelligent and insightful Holmes, who possessed in all of his appearances the one quality I would give up all my good fortunes to have but a slight modicum, the quality of cold detachment, a boundless helping of emotionlessness.

So now in aged semi enlightenment, upon this somewhat lofty pinnacle where the mists that confuse eyes and logic dissipate sufficiently to provide a somewhat clear picture of capabilities, which single classic or series of volumes allows the best expression of my life accomplishments, fallings, strengths, weaknesses, and what role within the pages might I suit in the playing?

And here, at this moment in my narrative I feel I must take a moment, firstly to compose the exact manner of my grand unveiling, a most theatrical ta-da, proof irreputable that my journey with all its meanderings, successes and misadventures, highs, lows, was as predictable as could be imagined when laid bare with considerable evidentiary support, and secondly to take up no further time on this your Yuletide Day celebration.

I will continue tomorrow, be assured.

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