21st December 2021

I woke up today shivering three separate times, my continuing habit of slowly sliding my feet out from under the covers in my slumber coming home to roost. Seems but a moment ago I was complaining of exactly the opposite, being far too toasty to be able to enjoy the always restful weight of heavy covers pulled across my body.  

Seasonal temperature variances may seem a drawback to living in a time zone with a changeable climate yet believe me is a situation still preferable to being blessed or cursed twelve month long with the selfsame vapidity. Predictable change might require necessary adjustment but remains far more amenable than the alternative, no release whatever from constant toasting or chilling. If in doubt check with those peoples obliged to inhabit the sticky or polar regions.

We do at least get at minimum a duplicitous choice of wardrobe, a situation most agreeable to our exhibitionist nature. Indeed if well considered the possibility of four alternative combinations of finery becomes plausible, ensuring that fashion rules all.

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