20th December 2021

Consequences.  Those effects that pepper our lives, adding flavor, injury, outcome, probability, possibility, a continual rotation of the roulette wheel morning, noon, and night, the resulting outcomes carrying much favor or failure but with absolutely no allowance for personal control, placing our futures entirely in the lap of the gods.

I have suddenly begun to notice these decisive moments, however slight or ambiguous they may seem, not in the hopes of somehow manipulating the denouement, but rather just to watch with uneasy fascination as the chips fall wherever fate considers it appropriate they finally lay.

A moment ago I dropped a knife to the floor in the kitchen, a not particularly unusual happenstance, but with a myriad of alternative results, depending on response, reaction, solution. Standing stock still momentarily, with an almost endless chain of alternative continuations circling in my mind, I decided to bend down and retrieve the blade, the seeming least threatening aftermath. Consequences, give credence.

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