19th December 2021

Yuletide is most definitely a suited time for the outpouring of charity, of unlimited kindness and generosity, to make amends in practical financial ways for all the shortenings we are inclined to practice during the normal processes of existence.

I personally do not adjudge being frugal a fault, my undeniable wedge of Celtic   brawn ensures a familiarity with acceptable timidity when a deep reach into a purse is required. Celts are not a mean people, rather just a tad careful, in the certain knowledge that at the end of our days there is a small plot and shroud to be accounted for.

A biproduct of financial prudency, practicing some degree of abstinence in everyday situations, is the buildup of a pleasant nest egg, funds readily available for that most noble of practices, the dispensation of funds to good and worthy cause about Christmas and Hogmanay.

Avoid the entitled, those with expectations, or strangely coincidental. Trust only better judgement in electing giftees.

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