18th December 2021

I awoke and arose early this morning filled with the determination to fulfill an aspiration only possible in the realm of dreams. My purpose being to visit an acquaintance, an imaginary chum, whom I had just been told had been feeling unwell for the past few days and would most certainly appreciate my visiting. The quite hallucinatory imagining seems bizarre enough left just there but add the most singular circumstance that I had decided that my most convenient manner of travelling the short distance down the leafy lane betwixt our two cottages was to borrow a neighbors bicycle and proceed there in a most wobbly fashion, I have not ridden a monocycle for over a decade.  

This whole affair is of course ridiculous, bordering you might say upon the manic, but at this moment in time, as I relate the circumstances to you my dear reader, does still seem quite real and wholly worthy of the effort of rising, showering, dressing in suitable finery, and cycling along to visit the infamous Duchess of Heart, whom my morning quarry most indefatigably was.

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