14th December 2021

In one of my particularly favorite quiz show the last round is subtitled ‘general ignorance’. A completely appropriate heading for a species whom collectively knows far less than they should, hugely less than they think, and most decidedly far less than they did.

This abysmal certainty comes about for the most improbable of reasons, sad excuses that say much about the human races recent noticeably devolution.

‘Tis an incongruous fact that the easier it becomes for individuals to research the less likely they are to do so. Far more probably they will simply take the first evidence they can find, sensible or utter nonsense, as golden truth. Seems that fiction is indisputably more persuasive than reality, that imaginings sit far better with the populus general than any well calculated and argued truth.

That emotion ever overrides intellect is disturbing enough, but when those feelings stem from an entirely negative outlook, then civilization slides unfailingly backwards towards collapse, and eventually to the dwindling nightmare that was the dark ages.

Any idea, system, protocol, that tries to manipulate to advantage the obvious fact than humanity in all its many present divergences is but one homogeneous genus, deriving from the very same original strain, produced by constant and refined evolution a myriad ago with in the African continent. Also remembering and acknowledging that any strides made in the last thousand years are a minor advancement compared to the leap forward from inception to the year zero Anno Domini.

Intellect was built upon a foundation of natural instincts, primal aptitudes, and capacities. Without a sound foundation any construct must eventually fall, and humanities unending strive to shrug off our bestiality risks such a calamitous outcome. No matter the ‘back to nature’ enthusiasts, humanity has already lost the capacity to compete with the predatory nature of the universe without the aid of technology. Time to take stock and reinvent, preserve the necessary, cast off the superfluous.

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