13th December 2021

Being a firmly straightforward follower of the Hal approach to Anglicanism, with a rather large helping of the visionary Blake as a side dish, I usually find the pronouncements of a Pope far too affixed to archaic convention for my tastes. However, the present Bishop of Rome, perhaps because his values align with Franciscan principles, does to my confusion make statements most lucid and dare I admit, profound.

In a recent address, given interestingly for international press digestion, he made the bold statement, nay took the impossibly daring position, that carnal sin is not the font of damnation it has ever been cracked up to be. Indeed in the vast array of sins available for humanities downfall, compared with pride and hatred physical transgression is but a minor bump in the road. A statement many a conservative withing the Catholic church will find verging on the blasphemous.

It would be foolish to imagine that one kind, thoughtful mans musing will change century old fixations, but from the voice of one might rise the clammer of the many.

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