7th December 2021

What is the purpose of the title? In this particular case it describes, and quite possibly excuses, the very nature of the content thereafter exposed to public view, hopefully contextualizing, reasoning, denominating.

This blog is above all things purposefully random, having no relation to any other matters outside the very complex, or equally likely extremely simplistic, meanderings of my mind. Abstract to the extreme, having no connections whatsoever beyond the nub at the extreme tip of my spinal cord. A braver, more astute soul than mine would attempt to make connections between each daily diatribe, even though quite explicitly by design such a logical ebb and flow has never existed. My thought patterns claim no casual nor grand design to attempt to educate or codify any other individuals conceptualizations.

I imagine my writings, observations, a form of exsanguination, involuntary, just the result of unfortunate, unforeseen, unheralded, often unwelcome trauma to my heart, soul and spirit. I apologize for mentioning the unmentionable, those emotions, inner criterion, that in the most arbitrary of ways attempt to influence, to direct our activities, considerations, judgements, sometimes hopefully for the better, but largely unapologetically whimsically.

My bleeding is irregular. On occasion I but ooze, drip, slowly give up my gore, my life’s blood, in the most grudging of ways, relying on my readers to gather together the drizzle into to a meaningful quantity, worthy of rumination. Alternatively, my wounds can quite literally evacuate unabated, flooding all in its path with much to much moisture for any possibly absorbable. Either way the purpose is the same, to donate something of mine, sometimes uniquely meaningful, but often plainly banal, to the great pool of knowledge, understanding, that lies beyond the protected cloisters of this fragile skin.

I acknowledge that on occasion my scribblings annoy, irritate, worry like a ravenous beast wanting inclusion in the pack. Hopefully they can equally amuse, enliven, but to either end I constantly squiggle away.

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