2nd December 2021

It is suddenly the beginning of another new month, yet rather sadly find myself becoming more and more bothered and bewildered. I struggle to remember exactly when this pandemic commenced, how many times I have feared infection, raised hallelujahs for being spared, and if and exactly when we can expect the monstrosity to be cast aside to leave our lives once again more or less in comparative peace.

I am certain we did know satisfaction at some point, perhaps not as absolute as might be, social and political pressures are inclined to give the most well-mannered of beasts occasional jitters. Yes, we knew challenges, were asked multifarious questions that could not always be correctly answered, but in general life jogged along, perhaps not sauntering blissfully exactly, but with enough muscular command to have each stride inclined to move in the right direction.

Today, I am unsure about tomorrow, having witnessed life stutter and all but halt, for fear of a virus beyond our capabilities to repel. Fallen foul to a self-manufactured petard.

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