29th November 2021

Distraction is a most irritating condition, one that only becomes more persuasive as the vagaries of the world in all their fascinating glory come more easily into focus. Our world is awash with information, good, bad, indifferent, a zillion pieces of detritus to direct our attentions in any direction but the most pertinent or useful.

Much of the specifics we inhale, for to absorb and weigh facts is our minds main function, was truly designed most singularity for that purpose, and does automatically with our attention or total disregard. We are a sponge permanently thirsting for refreshment, absorbing more than we can easily recall, but miraculously storing away any surplus to produce magician like at the most improbably and unsuitable moments. I forget the exact proportion of our brain matter we actually use, but it is a small percentile when compared to the whole.

Imagine the ability to utilize all that possible power for but one moment, and then consider that perhaps there exist those who can, the mega beings of fiction and fantasy.

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