25th November 2021

On reflection, it is quite clear that my sometimes-visceral verbal meanderings are sublimely cleansing for the malevolence that often rises uncontrollably in my being from the misguided erroneousness’s, inadequacies, of my fellow creatures and the undoubted turgid society we all so blithely inhabit. Being able to expunge the bile is two-fold healing, firstly removes those cancers that would otherwise grow unsolicited in my every momentary reflection, tainting opinion and perspective without recourse, secondly removing the rails that future happenstances or notions are obliged to travel along without any glimmering hope of correction, reappraisal, or reconsideration.

The negative we are forced to imbibe from media, rumor, supposition, has great intrinsic weight, for often the sources are ones we rely upon in times of extreme stress and danger. A well told lie of animus is so much more persuasive than the blandness of uncorrupted truth, our protective shields of sensibility, our absurdity filters, must be consistently and constantly fully engaged.

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