20th November 2021

Pride is a dangerous quality to own or expound, bordering as it do on the edge of hubris, a fault despised by human kind and the gods alike.

Self-praise smacks of the boastful, the old soldiers tales of daring do, and medals won, always inclusive of the parallel suffering of others whether directly or by coincidence. No act of arrogance goes unpunished, no seeming heroism unblemished by accompanying tragedy,

We all guiltily take gratification in our private and public victories, but seldom see or count the cost of the chain of events such personal fulfillment spreads upon the universe. Some choose to hang their hat upon the peg of such imagined glorious achievements, others more correctly feel the true weight of any supplementary circumstances.

The true appendage of pride should be guilt, a recognition of the arbitrary factors that bring favor and fame to one party, and oft undeserved shame and obscurity to another.

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