17th November 2021

Seems ‘tis the middle of the night, well actually it is but an hour or so before dawn, yet I am wide awake, full of vigor, hungry for food and drink, nothing like I should be at this ungodly hour. I have ever been a night person, enjoying the dark akin to some nocturnal beast, having no fear at all of shadows, having seen enough of the miseries of the day to understand that evil has no particularly preferred hour. Rather I have always enjoyed the solitude, privacy, the absolute quiet that the witching hours can bring, total release from the worry of being witnessed or bothered by any others but those of similar persuasions.

The appealing nature of that time ‘twixt dusk and dawn has never proven a liability, rather has allowed me to follow my predilections for all things secretive and ocularly obscured, a time to revel in the enticing gloom and murkiness, lit only perhaps by spectral producing moonlight or the occasional smoldering lantern, enhancing mystery and the practice of all manner of obverse behaviors.

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