15th November 2021

As is oft inclined to befall these last few years, I awoke filled with a feeling of unmeasurable joy, happiness, overwhelming luck, quite sufficient to make my rising up again to rejoin this glorious reality I abide each and every day a step physical without the slightest effort or concern. It is remarkably pleasant upon such occasion to imagine my bounteous good fortune was deserved rather than purely circumstantial happenstance.

This aura of felicitation is entirely spiritual, as being one hundred percent human I am inclined momentarily to suffer the ills and pains of physical discomfort unsurprisingly caused by the constant grinding weight and pressures of aging. Even these negatives are abated, stunted by the counter effects of disproportionate serendipity, limiting any momentary shortcomings to the annoyance of but mere insects mashed upon the window of contingency.

My sentiments may diminish as any given day progresses and matters of mild irritation are rubbed unheralded upon mine psychic hide. But in entirety my notion of bewildered wonderment will remain, distinct and untarnished.

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