14th November 2021

The most staggering and equally innocuous communications arise from unfathomably distant places and mind sets.

From strange abodes is understandable, after all each one of us inhabit but a tiny area upon this vast dual hemisphere and considering that all animate objects tend generally to be in constant motion the chances of interaction with any specific outreach of knowledge is remote. Distant mind sets are even less simplistic to penetrate. Once the appropriate being is discovered the searcher must then delve into matters hid deep in the folds of the others intellect, protected therein by all manner of subterfuge and demons.

Much easier to just surmise we comprehend all the contents carefully compiled and stored therein, make trite connections,, take wild leaps, assume the fashionable cloak of the omniscient, without ever earning or deserving its lofty assurence.

We must all recall with care the infamously pedantic, ‘Remember All Candida Spreads Through Kissing,’ generalization.

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