10th November 2021

Am I alone in being discombobulated by this twice-yearly insistence on chasing the sun rise? I fully understand the logic in an agricultural society when the need to commence labor with the dawn, making use of the maximum daylight hours, was a necessity, but after the industrial revolution, the now the electronic leisure age, such state manipulation of human wakefulness is highly unnecessary.

Like so many rules originally imposed for completely appropriate reasons the setting aside of their control over the multitude is an extraordinarily sticky feat to accomplish. Humans are habitual creatures, convince them that something is a good idea, useful, convenient, and they will jog along quite happily, unquestioningly, till forced, unavoidably obliged, to stop and reconsider.

Generally my reaction, when at long last, an outdated piece of legislation, no matter how long it might have been upon the books, or the very good reasons for its original proposal, is thanks be! But there again I am not an originalist in any shape of form.

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