9th November 2021

At times being realistic seems to be pandering to the negative, not seeing through the misty form of today to a bright sunny tomorrow. The very expression ‘being real’, I took the time to confirm the latest declared explanation, noticeably doesn’t apply to any portion of historical time ‘cept the decidedly singular present.

By singular I simply refer to the insistence that one must be true to oneself, no matter what. Tell you own story; advertise you own scantly formulated concepts. If you think the planet earth is a dinner plate rotating quite mysteriously in space, speak loud, with conviction, be a paragon for your own way.

I have no objection to absurdity, am a great fan of all forms of foolishness when understood as being wholly fictional, a manifestation invented in the mind of some eccentric philosopher. The sideways logic of ‘Steampunk’ even has a certain Victorian charm, the innocence sadly lacking in scientific actuality, but a possibly happenstance in another dimension, I heartily think not.

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