6th November 2021

I cannot blame you for the failings of the education system, that you were not shown reality, taught honestly and in an unbiassed fashion the truths of the world. But having sensed the shortfall, understood the huge gaps in your knowledge, that you did not have the where with all to take the few steps necessary to correct those shortcomings, for that laziness, a happy acceptance of ignorance, I judge you utterly guilty.

Constantly I am aghast to read of imagined important souls, those with responsibilities for the continuing welfare and comfort of the citizenry of this nation, turning a disinterested, manifestly blind eye to the lessons that many a martyrs blood painted upon the blackboard of the not so distant past, I am bemused, disgusted, horrified, completely and utterly disheartened.  Comparing affirmative action to anarchistic tendencies, medical directives to Nazi party oppression, these absurdities prove a willful and  concerted effort to subvert righteousness to a  malignant like perversion, to equally promote evil and bigotry to saintly status.

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