3rd November 2021

My relationship with the news has become distraught. I like to believe for all my sometimes airy-fairy imaginings at my core I have a good sense of reality. A recognition of the truth is important in so many ways, but particularly in dealing with the day-to-day necessities of life, pretend food is not nourishing, imaginary water will not resolve a parched throat. Fiction is quite recognizable to any with a modicum of sensibility so, ignoring momentarily the mentally challenged, there is never an excuse for swallowing utter poppycock. I perhaps foolishly, look to the media for honest forthright reporting, statements of fact, with perhaps a degree of comment, but certsinly not a wholly biased or misleading slant. Opinion has a place. That place is the coffee shop or bus queue, certainly not a publication contemplating serious consideration.

I rather casually swept over the subject of the mentally challenged, the oddballs, the strange ones, those suffering with problems of context or connectivity. A leap that in better times, less pressurized and disassociated periods, might be appropriate. Unfortunately this moment in our collective development, these several years, have been anything but normal, usual, matter of fact, they have rather produced an abundance of irregularity sufficient to disquiet the most well-adjusted of homo sapiens.

When faced with utter absurdity, complete anarchy, the human is inclined to disassemble intellectually, become vague, uncomfortable, show signs of extreme stress and act in a very eccentric fashion, indeed manufacture and show all the characteristics of oncoming mental instability. Loneliness, long periods of isolation, being quarantined into almost solitary confinement will produce extreme manifestations of such abnormal behaviors. Another root cause of mental anguish is fear, terror of social contact, of interactions with any individuals not firmly ensconced in the familial circle.

When the normal are obliged to be condemned to asylums and fear mongers and worst  become warders and spokespersons, then truly we have reached the reverse of sensibility, the  outlandish pantomime.  

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