2nd November 2021

I was enjoying my evening meal, a rather convenient mishmash of various leftovers that separately are very tasty but as a combination always produce a promise of decided mystery for the tongue, when the thought of easily melded combinations of ingredients, whether culinary or otherwise, took a firm fix withing my oft-empty skull. The convenient and easy mixing of things produces much of what we do, enjoy, utilize, purity being a characteristic most unusual in a world constantly shaken and stirred by all manner of forces.

My own persuasion and temperament has always verged towards independence of thought and action, but such an inclination do not make for easy amalgam with other of the hoi polloi, hence my sorrowful record in all things communal.. To paraphrase the late great Harpo Marx, ‘I would never ever consider joining a club that invited me’.

My lack of success in relationships only proves my singularity, I can be an admitted pain in my inclinations, prone to selfishness, inconsideration, and speaking in a forceful and often less that straightforward manner. ‘Tis my firm belief that if I was a canned product my shelf life would be but barely a few years, and once opened inclined to spoil with alarming rapidity. I would suggest that the majority of my peers are tarnished with the same impurities, we all having been raised, educated, and consistently reminded by all we see, hear, and read, that the solar system was specifically designed to rotate around our own particularly precious heavenly body. Such individual selfishness do seem thoroughly high handed, but as it tends towards universality perhaps it just says something very enlightening about our species.

The whole concept of politics is a particularly unhuman notion, that a group of clearly self-absorbed creatures should jointly decide the best course for the whole to follow, with appended rewards and punishments for performance or failure, is clearly beyond hopeful, bordering on the ridiculous.

Thankfully my dinner proved far more palatable than any construct of committee, parliament or congress could ever hope to be.

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