1st November 2021

November the first begins the very long slow build up to the Christmas season and the New Year’s celebrations. Two months of growing excitement and anticipation, eight weeks that have not changed in psychological import since we was but bairns.

Firstly, in the old country falls November the fifth, one of the great national celebrations of the English-speaking peoples, a day and most importantly a night to remember how close came religious bigotry to destroying the good example of the burgeoning beacon of democratic thought and practice. Celebrated in a conflagration of fire and explosion, in reminiscence of the terrible but just fate that fell the perpetrators of said wickedness.

Next befalls ‘Thanksgiving’, a rather theatric retelling of the Pilgrim Fathers first celebratory feast upon the American continent. Much effort is made to consume truly American faire, pumpkin, turkey, potato. maize, and suitable recitations, in speech and prose, for the good fortune that would befall the settlers following that hard first winter.

Immediately following Thanksgiving Thursday arrives Black Friday, the great exposition of the wonders of the commercial retail industry,, when sales bedeck every corner of high street, shopping center, and online purchasing facility. A magnificent days worship to the wonderous god mammon, an opportunity to exchange hard earned and amassed coinage for a few mostly unnecessary trinkets.

The third week of December brings about the great Christian celebration of Christmas, stretching from the Eve on the twenty fourth. through the Day proper on the twenty fifth, the solemn and also joyful anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ, marked by an exchange of gifts, and profound food consumption.

The twenty sixth of December is a completely secular holiday, celebrated in the United Kingdom and Canada particularly, to allow for a full days recovery from the joys of partying for all.

The thirty-first of course brings New Year’s Eve, an event I shall examine in close  detail on a nearer date.

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