29th October 2021

For the majority of my time on this minuscule orb suspended in an out of the way solar system in the immensity of the universe, I have considered privilege or entitlement, something that was earned, collected, bestowed upon an ancestor for deeds done, victories accomplished, fame earned. An honor bequeathed by the most powerful upon only those considered worthy, and thereafter handed down like wealth or property from one generation to the next.

I am happy to admit my preferences for older definitions, long existed understandings, as opposed to the hip new millennium speak. The constant tick of the clockwork timepiece should be graciously lionized, not casually replaced by some atomic counter far too accurate for even the most pedant to crave.

Entitlement can still be earned, relayed, endowed, but never nonchalantly claimed, ‘tis not a right, an unearned gift to be worn and flourished as a label of self-proclaimed specialness. Equalization was ever intended to overcome privilege, not to replace the elite with the mendicant.

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