28th October 2021

There is this strange assumption that conversations should always end on a good note. I shout foul! A good negative outcome is often exactly the result I am looking for.

Not a particularly social statement of intent but looking back honestly there have been numerous interchanges in my life that I wish had ended far more succinctly and without any necessity to visit subject of correspondent gain. Open-mindedness is a very tiring state, one that saps the strength from the most willing participant. Listening to the ridiculousness’s of some individuals logic is a fate not worse than death but most certainly capable of making the prospect almost welcome.

People are inclined to rattle on alarmingly, I do, I admit, but at least in I limit my loquaciousness to print form, so you can just stop reading whenever you feel inclined without  fear of causing yourself or me embarrassment.

Would that unnecessarily tedious commentaries were so easy circumvented.

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