27th October 2021

I do so try so hard to avoid being angry, ‘tis such an absolute waste of time and effort. But People are so invariable disappointing, being in the slightest hopeful about their capacity for truth or honesty is a mistake, an error most untenable. This conclusion do seem terribly harsh, inappropriately inclusive, surely you will say, and I will be most inclined to suffer you objections, there should be glimmer of hope that humanities word might carry some small degree of trustworthiness. Yet that wholly desirable wish ignores the toxicities that exist quite plainly ensconced in the depths of the human heart and soul. The inescapable desire for power, engrandisment, narcissism, those very building blocks that allowed our species to crawl from the elementary slime to, most improbably, sit atop the hierarchy of terrestrial inhabitants.

My irritation is no condemnation, rather it is a quasi-scientific proof of our preposterous journey, millennium long, winding, illogical, unlikely, from defenseless nothingness to Herculean brute, holding ascendency beyond any ability or sway can possibly justify.

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