26th October 2021

Non-religious confessional is an interesting concept. That people would by unburdening themselves to the universe through a completely arbitrary third party, whom in the proceed of absolution might simply enroll them with the rest of the human race, fulfills all the benefits of traditional religious confession exactly, without having to admit to that terribly passe sin of having the deeply disturbing and dating feeling that archaic myth and mystery might have some actual relevance.

The notion was highlighted to me by a short cartoon shared by a friend that pointed out the obvious but somehow obscure factoid that all humans share the same shortcomings, social, intellectual, physical, factual and illusory, and are all equally convinced that the errors are theirs alone and somehow condemn them to a singular and lonely culpability through honest self judgement.

The analogy between the pious and irreverent versions fails in that both require complete truth and honesty, qualities sadly lacking in millennials, too woke to be candid.

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