25th October 2021

People are fond of stating that we learn through experience, I have never found this saying to be factual. Most of the quandaries that occur in my life completely contradict this presumption, they are often repetitive situations that I should have learned to counter after the first happenstance but being at heart entirely human I blunder onwards in the vain hope that the second, or third time will be the charm. The unfortunate trait of gullability is particularly applicable in my dealings with people. However questionable a person’s character or clear motivation might be I am invariably inclined to give them the benefit of doubt, perhaps from blind stupidity, although I hope it is from my opinion that humans are truly less manipulative than they first appear to be.

I have been tremendously fortunate in my life’s journey, having survived many a near shipwreck and piratical raid, with colors still flying proudly at my masthead. This good fortune has left me guilty, easily susceptible to tales of woe. But must my fellows be quite so predictable in their manipulative ways?

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