24th October 2021

I am a creature of habit, inclined to repetition in all manner of ways, in schedule, diet, clothing, likes and dislikes. Extremely predictable to a point, and that point is my one constant variable.

Rituals take many forms, some complicated, dependent on a chain of events, some simplistic, needing but one happenstance to be finalized. Most of my habits are simple, mundane, requiring no planning to bring them to fruition, just the ticking of the hands around the clock face will produce their fruition in turn.

The secret to such a structured and easily maintained existence is straight forward, just never stray far from the line of consequence. the pattern that effortlessly leads from moment to moment, one happening merging seamlessly with the next, in a never deviating pathway towards that one perfectly composed day we all know must exist somewhere in our very specific part of the great creation that is the universe. How do we recognize perfection? We cannot. There are no labels, it just is.

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