22nd October 2021

My tastes are predictable, the exact same honey pot will attract me consistently ad nauseum, whether that particular connection has ever proven beneficial to my existence or not, and over the years I have encountered most every possible variance of my entrenched foibles.

I adore unpredictability, both in appearance and attitude, throw me some brattiness wrapped up in slightly eccentric apparel and my pulse will immediately rise quite alarmingly. The usual in dress and behavior is banal, predictable, formulaic, derivative, unworthy of second glance or consideration, except perhaps if the presentation is suitably satirical, sardonic, camply played.

The interior should play across the exterior, sufficiently to hind at a breadth and depth beyond the mundane, colors should be flamboyant, unless wholly monochrome, lack of vibrancy is quite if not more expressive than the kaleidoscopic.

If I observe a crowd and I see only  you, then your task is accomplished.

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