21st October 2021

I am accustomed to my own company, to being able to being able to ignore the other person in the room, if only my reflection. Communication can be tedious, even talking to oneself is extraordinarily tiring, for I have heard those same refrains often before, with greater clarity, and more passion.

Silence is wonderfully calming, allows thoughts to grow and flourish, flower as perfect blooms truly should, without the hindrance of comment, approval, or objection. I enjoy reaching the end of a train of thought, even if when complete it needs discarding wholesale as impractical or absurd. In solitude I can ferment my brews completely, knowing that the results will as often stink unbearably as be fragrant, always keeping in mind that the most seductive perfumes have ever been historically based upon ambergris, the congealed vomit of the male sperm whale.

Please excuse my unsociability, and know that if I seek you out, for either conversation of company it is a sign of a deep respect and admiration for your presence and opinions.

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