19th October 2021

There are no second chances in life. The whispered myth that a possibility can be reeled in and replayed is just a fantastic fable, one of the true misnomers of existence. Events arrive and disappear according to their own time scale and pattern, always singular, ever transforming, a fast-passing opportunity, just a sniff and nothing more, a fleeting millisecond when all the planets are perfectly aligned for arrive at your desired outcome, never again to be repeated. We all have blinked in the face of opportunity, and regretted our slothfulness in pained leisure, yet still foolishly look for a second or even third chance to play that unbelievably pristine Royal Heart flush, the winning hand.

One stutter and the moment has flitted away, bringing endless irreversible consequences, for time cascades just so easily, tile after tile. An endless collapsing pattern of destruction, still vaguely recognizable, but changed beyond any hope of reclamation. Suddenly life has slipped unceremoniously through you moist fingers, and second hand choices are all that can be celebrated.

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