17th October 2021

The approach of All Hallows Eve is a particular good time to remember one of the most important lessons that originate from scary movies. Monsters, however unpleasant, distasteful, cringeworthy, or repellent, are extremely difficult to eradicate, and will invariably return for a sequel. This rule, of which we can all quote endless examples, applies to life in general as much as to that particular cinematic genre.

People are provably stupid, illogical, forgetful. And given a choice will invariably prefer the return of a previous incarnation, however malignant they may be, to a new unproven incarnation. Better the devil we recognize that the stranger we do not.

History, especially bad history, repeats stunningly regularly. Leaders, particularly despots or those inclined towards tyranny, are reelected with a consistency that belies any understanding of a human brings ability to learn through experience. In matters of choice we are all inclined to make progressively worse decisions when presented with a quandary.

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