16th October 2021

A strange unreality has settled upon the world. An imagining than somehow the last few years have been expunged, obliterated, corrected, that all the faults and errors committed in that time have evaporated, as water within a boiling pan, when in actuality nothing has changed, not one concept or attitude, the horrors remain awaiting the moment to reappear in all their hideous glory, renewed, reinvigorated, ready to swallow all, good and bad, with undiminished gluttony.

Change requires more than hope, more than good will, it requires action, harsh unforgiving activity, squashing what is bad and ugly, squeezing the neck of evildoers till their last breath has been extracted. No understanding for the halfhearted, revolution has no patience with timidity. Press forward together, leaving the unsure to hang eternally upon the barbwire that protects our enemies grinning faces.

Progress is a war of attrition, erasing the outdated, crushing the false and misleading, obliterating any intransigent generation unmercifully.

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