15th October 2021

My obvious ambivalence to many matters scientific and post enlightenment probably deserves a little more than a cursory explanation. I do not find modernity at all appealing, rather wholly disappointing, the reality having in no way fulfilled any of the promise so blatantly proclaimed in the advertising. Most certainly medical practice and knowledge has improved enormously, but with a cost in pain and suffering far beyond acceptable recall. The art of warfare and its ancillary ingenuities has flourished as never before, mankind’s capacity for creating and promoting global death, famine and pestilence has never before been as unbridled and momentarily threatening.

Humanity as a whole is not a careful beast, not thoughtful, caring, even inclusive by nature. Of all the species to gain command of the planer Earth, we are quite probably the least suited, being at heart self-serving and without consideration beyond our own tiny and inconsequential sphere. An individual would be hard pressed to indicate one improvement humanity has made upon natural progression, rather much of out handiwork is fatally detrimental to both earth, sea, and atmosphere. We are as locusts upon the face of the planet, consuming all we confront, without a thought for tomorrow, our fellow species, or the longevity of this small rock we inhabit, that circles the Sunstar quite impervious to all else.

In our belligerent selfishness we threaten to infringe all other worlds, taking out unfortunate inabilities to coexist throughout the known universe, spreading despoilment and destruction as we go. Not satisfied with oppressing a whole planet we look to spread our plague far and wide, without a thought for any other single spark of existence.

Our belief in an omnipotent being only makes our assumption we are vital to their plan, their vision, their creation, complete and unadulterated by any reference to any other possible scenario. The fact that we are evolutionarily but an afterthought, a twig upon a branch upon a tree that roots within universe that is itself but a mere pinprick in that incomprehensible complex cosmos that is infinity.

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