14th October 2021

I have never really understood the science of the lengthening and shortening of the days, so I rely on visual and phycological effects, much as I do with most mattes of a technical nature. Does ever seem to me that the days shorten faster that they lengthen, one moment ‘tis light till ten in the evening and then quite suddenly dusk at six in the late afternoon. I presume that springtime follows a similar pattern, but in reverse, or is it some mysterious effect of ‘daylight saving time’ another national rulings.

Having no particular pattern or purpose in existence does facilitate my confusion, not needing to keep to any stringent understanding of time means it makes no difference should I rise early in the morning, at noon, or indeed in the late afternoon. Naps are always readily available to shorten daylight hours anyhew, and artificial lighting makes a nonsense of day and night quite adequately.

Perhaps I am transmuting into a bear, and have begun to hibernate as needed, or as preferred.

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