11th October 2021

Both the King and Queen of Hearts are represented in literature as being completely infantile, having no sensible thoughts at all, rather acting with disregard to reason or logic. One might suppose the King is the more governmentally senior of the two, having what would seem the last word in affairs, in the directing of legal matters, the actual fruition of executions, the Queen being inclined to order willy nilly decapitations left and right. the King more often than not quietly countermands the deadly instructions to the executioner, suggesting even in a wholly anarchic realm like Wonderland some form of justice must exist and be marginally reasonably administered.

The King is most certainly indolent, napping quite happily at any given opportunity, a state of affairs that allows the Queen to often run roughshod throughout the land with highly dubious orders and decisions. Thankfully when awakened he quickly corrects her majesty’s over indulgencies, ensuring a somewhat predictably steady hand on the administrative rudder.

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