3rd October 2021

The two, five and seven of Spades are most infamously remembered as being the gardeners tasked with painting the white roses red throughout the formal gardens surrounding the croquet courts to appease the always inflamed tempers of the Red Queen, should she by chance happen to squander a momentary glance in their particular direction. To Alice this seems the height of ridiculousness, so suppose that nature should be appended artificially simply to assuage a monarchs narcissistic tendencies. However, but a small number of heads being lopped off willy nilly by the axe man quickly amends her initial perspective.

As with many a momentary happenstance within Dodgson’s profound essays, the ridiculousness highlights quite graphically a very base fault in the fabric of humanities social construct. That the granting or possession of unnatural powers disseminates rapidly into a multitude of   acts of fawning sycophantism by attending cohorts of numeric value both great and small.

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