2nd October 2021

For many years I have scrupulously adopted the persona of the Mad Hatter, hero, ideal, incomparable individualist, his sole purpose be the best Hatter he can possibly be without compromising his integral style and pursuit of the truth, however illogical his version of honesty might be. This continuing commitment causes innumerable dilemmas, when pressing circumstances call for direct action but the artists path is far more circuitous and fanciful. The scenic route must always win hands down, for what purpose life if it is not beautifully convoluted?  

Accouterments by design should serve several purposes, to illustrate the mood, character and point of the mannequin, to when possible advertise his association and commodities, but most importantly not in a classless way, rather with style and flamboyance, attracting interest, compliments, and positive interactions. The Hatter is not self-absorbed, or pompous, rather he is an open book, obvious, plain, in a most fashionable way, ostentatious with a flair for reclusion, obvious but almost invisibly abstract.

He is of course a creature of uncompromising habits, for what is good fashion if not a constant regurgitation of the similar, slightly amended by shape, color, and concept. Unending teas are of course most necessary, both to feed the innovative juices, and more importantly to slake a constantly thirst for best Darjeeling, and the moist deliciousness of jam infused cream sponge cakes.   Good tea insists upon fine crockery, for what is piping   beverage without a cup and saucer, the perfectly formed and handled bowl to avoid spillages, the saucer to ensure a relaxed and sedate pose whilst partaking sustenance. Tea is both a refreshing and invigorating infusion, and a most polite and dignified diversion.

Emotionally my hero is rather harshly labelled mad, crazy, touched, yet pointedly harmless to all except recently awakened dormice. His more twisted counterpart, the most villainous Joker is an entirely different matter, yet equally universally appealing.

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