28th September 2021

Alice refuses to be fooled by the image presenting itself in the looking glass but rather steps through the reflection to reintroduce herself to the more acceptable but graphically obtuse reality that exists in her imagination. Whilst none of the characters encountered beyond the mirror are obvious counterparts for persons that might be genuine, quite absurdly the truth in them stares unblinkingly outwards. Children are particularly good at seeing past the obvious, their feelings being connected direct to their emotions, a necessary protection in one with minimal physical defense at their command.

Men are particularly bad at perceiving anything beyond the palpably obvious, odd considering most spend a goodly few minutes each day staring at the reflection of their own visage in an attempt to scrape, trim and control, the ever-replenishing abundance of whiskers that cultivate overnight upon their features. This lack of perspicacity is further illustrated, often painfully, by the males inability to acquire sufficient dexterous memory to make the necessary razer passes without a constant nicking of the tender skin about cheeks, neck, and chin. Being unable to easily discern the vagaries of their own features, hardly surprising they are so easily fooled by another’s expressions, however patently transparent the deceit may be.

Ladies momentarily prove themselves much better at seeing not what presently appears but rather what might possibly emerge with suitable enhancements via paint and powders. The clever touches of shadow and color prove conclusively that human perception is but skin deep and can be manipulated significantly by those willing to put in the time and effort. Notwithstanding their admiration for such applications, damsels are rarely fooled, being innately capable of seeing past such camouflage, with but a cursory glance.

The fascination with reflection is particularly mortal, beasts being wholly uninterested in any form of mirroring unless amplified by sudden movement. Perhaps we simply look for falsity in all matters observed, particular those related to human motive and intrigue.

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