25th September 2021

Madness should only last from February to March, any longer being wholly uncivilized and likely to interfere with the continuing propagation of the Lepus europaeus utterly. The sight of boxing bucks was once quite commonly commented upon, till the sudden realization that the aggressors were not just masculine but also females protecting their virtue against overly persistent chaps, the concept of bestial attempted sexual assault being far less noteworthy.

The appearance of the March Hare, with his ever-present chapeau of straw, makes the fellow seem so terrible lethargic, as if just arisen from some soft, relaxing repose, when in fact the dried grass toupee is in actuality but an accepted Victorian symbolism for one touched in the head, a sandwich short of a picnic, just ideal fodder for the terrifying interior of the Bedlam hospital.

Even the conspicuously insane have foibles, however. Haigha for example, that is Alice’s hares given mane, cannot abide a lack of good clean place stings at any picnic table.

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