23rd September 2021

The specter of abandonment is an aspect most familiar to us all, much as we are inclined to dispose that particulars appearance to the darkest corner of our universe. Recognizing the reality of our true singularity is jolt most alarming to the id, dependent as we are upon the attentions and considerations of others for bolster much of our self-worth. Loneliness is the natural state of the human being, unless fortunate enough to be one of those rare oddities of existence the identical twin, the only situation were the solitary truly share more than a pleasantly heartening delusion of a vague sensory connection.

It is completely usual, and equally pointedly absurd to hear one person say of another that they understand all t’other thinks and feels, a sweet fallacy perpetuated by the false premise that we categorically know what is best for the balance of our species, the very beginnings of the god complex we all are inclined to indulge most graphically, both socially and politically.

When does the doubtless truth of forlornness finally manifest, just beyond the shades.

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