16th September 2021

I have always found it best to follow the advice of good practice, ‘tis better to consider before you speak, than regret the words as soon as they escape you mouth’. Was not always my most consistent virtue, in times of stress, ire, or just bloody mindedness, I was quite capable of blurting out the most unfortunate, inane, ill-considered remarks ad gloriam. We live, we learn is the agreed maxim, for the more well advised amongst us anyhew, Madville is after all a nice place to visit but overnight stays should be avoided.

Gobbledygook, drivel, the inane ramblings of the Mad Hatter of Alices adventures, can have a certain wistful charm if not taken too seriously, or considered as any more than the ramblings of a decidedly deranged mind, temporarily or otherwise. Trouble comes about when experts, persons super intelligent in their own minds, decide they alone are capable of translating the gibberish into a form fit to be easily understood by us lesser mortals. These souls are collectively known as civil servants, or in their most insidiously divisive form, lifelong politicians.

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