13th September 2021

My ability to do nil has expanded exponentially, Was a time I struggled with slothfulness, felt if labelled me poorly, suggested I had no vim, no vigor, whilst in reality my metal, my drive, was totally focused on the attainment of but one goal, indolence.

Quite understandably my adoration of the god idleness meets with a degree of petty nay saying from certain quarters, particularly those persons raised in a balls to the wall culture, where ‘never say die to man nor beast’ represents the integral component of their creed. Such criticisms wash over me as the cooling breezes are inclined to do as I lay languorously upon a pristine white tropical beach, focused wholly upon the next mai tai that may momentarily miraculously appear in my vicinity.

The art of soaking in small pleasures, enjoying the least of benefits, the most casual of advantages, these are accomplishments I daily hone and employ. Hard work produced no advantage but a broke back to my certain knowledge, so better to retire burden free.

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