8th September 2021

I heartily admire people standing up for their perceived rights or a worthy cause but comes a time when the constant bandying of the same point of view becomes antagonizing and quite probably counterproductive. Hopefully I attend fully a good debate, weighing opposite perspectives, balancing ramifications, and in due course settle upon the solution I consider fair and fully agreeable to my own personal position. In all honesty this is all that can be asked of anyone, to listen, digest, contemplate, then make a decision, a choice, identify a suited flagpole to hoist ones banner upon.

My thought process is an entirely individual activity. Any auxiliary pressure, particularly of a harping form, is anything but assisting. I like most humans have a taste for being contrary, persuade me into a corner and no matter how valid your arguments may be I will simply adopt an opposing or neutral position.

Neutral is a position to be greatly feared, for those without extreme views are inclined to be unmotivated, never a reliable voting base.

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