7th September 2021

I read a most enlightening article today, supported by scientific experts whose experience and knowledge cannot be faulted or challenged, suggesting that the sudden appearance of incorrect scientific terminology in legislation is angling our administrative and legal systems towards a blatant form of skullduggery, using incorrect or downright misleading language to facilitate the easy prosecution of wholly ethical and acceptable medical practices.

The whole purpose of this ‘Newspeak’, to utilize the horrendous but correct Orwellian analogy, it to fool, brainwash, and inflame the scientifically uneducated public in a patently vague, but horrifyingly successful scheme to get a degree of support for particularly ill-considered and prejudicial ordinances.

The excuse for such acts of so called simplification is ever that it allows ‘Mister and Missus Joe Public’ to judge complex moral issues,  rather than adopting the more ethically appropriate solution,  educating the masses  to facilitate real understanding.

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