4th September 2021

Comes a time that you appreciate you are becoming more of a mere happenstance than a fixture. That is not to give shade to existence but rather giving that state due props for being available as long and conveniently as it do. Given no more amenable alternative my body is still thankful to trudge a considerable distance both uphill and down when permitted..

 However my enthusiasm for such strenuous activity has somewhat waned with the passing years. The previous spring in my step has been replaced quite successfully with a knowledge of the ever-diminishing distance I still have to travel. The flesh to a large degree is still surprisingly willing, but the mind, the persistence, the will, reduces quite noticeably on an almost momentary basis.

I suppose I could gratefully molder, just sit or lay in a fetal state awaiting oblivion, yet such acceptance of weakness has never been my want. I am at core proud, foolishly stubborn, unwilling to bend my knee to any force I do not recognize as being my natural superior.

During each of my wanderings there is a point I reach when my physical weakness is overtaken by intellectual force, when my will suddenly find a surge of reserve power that revitalizes aching bones and bruised muscles. This is the rekindling of natural mental authority over that that false prophet, physical condition. Longstanding muscle memory can quite accomplishedly dissipate all other considerations..

Human physical capability is dependent, reliant upon, a cotchel of secondary considerations, anatomical condition obviously, phycological and emotional will equally but less   forthrightly. Given a positive imperative all manner of seeming improbabilities become viable.

We have the capacity to immediately recognize and understand our condition, to intellectually wrestle with those limitations, to balance immediate need against capacity, to carefully diagnose importance and necessity before taking action. Our capacity for survival is a testament to the adage that mind is easily capable of overpowering all other matters.

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