3rd September 2021

It is a constant amazement to me that the largest oppressed minority in the United States is in fact the majority of the populus, namely the female gender. From the very outset of the Republic, and previously historically, a male dominated political and legal system has exploited their supposed beloved cohabitants by instructing them in the manner they should think, act, or worship, all without a once going back to that sex for guidance concerning their actual views and beliefs. Equality for the supposedly ‘weaker gender’ was placed into constitutional law by the 19th amendment in the year 1920, so it might well be logically argued that all legislation passed before that banner year should be considered undoubted oppressive and discriminatory.

Much fuss is presently being made by the intellectually challenged about the obvious consequences of long-term inherent racism and its unquestionable effects for present day people of color. An equally similar strong and righteous argument might be easily made by the feminine, highlighting the effects that prolonged male domination over society has had on their opportunities and possibilities.  

My considered opinion suggests that any crack appearing in the white male facade of power would immediately allow a plethora of previously concealed insidious oppression to shine forth, forever irreversibly changing the face of the vocal majority to a true refection of modern societies configuration. The upshot being that all oppressed, underrepresented, non-openly consulted groupings need to stridently make themselves known through powerful representations and their physical presence to force the hand of those whom will only grudgingly relinquish the reigns of authority that makes them feel all powerful and vital, rather than their true hackneyed and impotent nature.

Please do constantly recall that the homo sapiens male is easily led, bribed, conned, seduced, and that all and any action undertaken for the right end excuses any tomfoolery that produces that required result. All is fair in love and war dear memsaab; do remember you have powerful persuasion positioned beneath your bustle.

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