2nd September 2021

My acceptance of the lack of fortitude in my own species capability to deal with matters of the most extreme gravity should be surprising. But most unfortunately my realization of our combined dearth of anything resembling patience is both predictable and understandable. You would be right in imagining that nature should have better coached our sensibilities in light of the consistent seesawing in our history, betwixt good and evil, feast and famine, war and peace, plague, and good health. Yet our overriding egotistic insistence upon being the very core of the universe constantly manages to filter out any comprehension of humankind’s very fragile standing upon this planet.

I was astounded to recently to hear a normally quite sensible and serous individual expound that we cannot put life on hold indefinitely, to which my reply should have been, ‘True, let’s all risk total annihilation for the sake of a few hours of personal freedom’.

Naturally, politeness held my tongue in the face of such conceited short sightedness.

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